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Centro Studi Gozzano Pavese

The «Guido Gozzano – Cesare Pavese» Research Centre stores, conserves and makes available, a significant archive of documents, books and objects by or owned by writers who were either from Piedmont or who had important relations with Piedmont, in addition to Guido Gozzano’s and Cesare Pavese’s autographs. The Centre is a non profit organization (charity status), and its aims are: 1) to preserve and make all the available material available for public consultation, 2) to add to the existing archives with new purchases , 3) to promote the remarkable scientific research with national and international public and private institutions, with similar academic centres and with research centres and establishments, 4) to organize exhibitions, conferences and conventions with the intent of enhancing the value of the available manuscripts in Italy and abroad. The Research Centre also maked philologically relevant editions of rare or unpublished texts available so that they may be appreciated.

Fondazione Cesare Pavese

The Cesare Pavese Foundation discloses, and transmits the human and cultural inheritance of the great Writer from Piedmont not only in Italy, but especially to the international level, where the communities of scholars are many in number and active. The foundation has a large set of objectives: 1.To promote the historical, ethno-anthropological, economical and social studies (the territories which represent the origins of Cesare Pavese) and in particular the territory from Langa with a cultural, social and economical point of view. 2. The foundation promotes all the national and international initiative about the writer. 3. To continue the study and research activity of the Cesare Pavese Research Centre.